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Restoration Program Activities at RVAAP

Demolition of elevated walkway at Load Line 3 to allow for
soil excavation.

Demolition of an elevated walkway and an excavation
at Load Line 3.

Off road haul truck exiting an excavation site at Load Line 4.

Two soil remediation units to treat contaminated soil for reuse.

Example of a sampling grid on a sidewall of an excavation.

Work at LL2 drainage ditch excavation for the removal of lead soil contamination conducted in June 2020. 

Tree clearing by local company to allow remediation for
Load lines 1, 2, 3, 4, and 12 March 2020. 

Abandoning an artesian production well from the 1940s in a wetland.
August 13, 2019. Sampling groundwater from wells near the Sand Creek Disposal Road Landfill RVAAP-34.

June 11, 2019. Successful removal and remediation of the mercury contaminated pipe at the George Road Sewage Treatment Plant CC-RVAAP-75.
Video of Buried Explosive Module (BEM) in action safely disposing of munitions removed from Open Demolition Area 2 (ODA-2).

Material deemed safe prepared for recycling removed from ODA-2.

Inert 40mm practice rounds removed from Winklepeck  prior to construction activities readied for recycling.

January 2019 groundwater sampling at RVAAP-34 Sand Creek Disposal Road Landfill
Monitoring Well Installation at Electrical Substation in October 2018
Restoration progress for Building 1200 site, April 2015.

Restoration progress for Anchor Test Area site, April 2015.

August 2014: The remedial action for Ramsdell Quarry includes fencing the site to restrict access for unauthorized personnel.

The Army has conducted a great deal of environmental sampling, evaluation and cleanup work at the RVAAP. This webpage describes the work that is currently in progress at various Areas of Concern (AOCs) across the facility. This page was last updated on August 12, 2008.


Winklepeck Burning Grounds
Photos for WBG

The Record of Decision is being prepared for Winklepeck Burning Grounds (WBG). A MK-19 Grenade Machinegun Range has been constructed on WBG and is now operational. Three of the four firing lanes have been constructed. The fourth lane, Lane 1, will be constructed once the remedial action at Pads 61, 61A, 67, and 70 is completed.